Board Meeting Summary, January 22, 2024

Board Meeting Summary, January 22, 2024
Posted on 01/22/2024

This is a summary of the January 22, 2024 public meeting of the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. Official minutes will be approved at the next regular meeting.


Presentation: School Within a College

This presentation highlighted the Dual Credits and School Within a College options available to HPEDSB students in partnership with Loyalist College. 

  • Through Dual Credits, students can earn high school and college credits at the same time
  • Through School Within a College, students have access to  individualized an program and support for their academic and personal growth; SWAC is anchored in experiential learning and workshops that are chosen by the students themselves

group photo of three presenters

Thank you to presenters Demona Boyer, Student, Bayside Secondary School; Kristen Neumann-Stephens, Teacher; and Matt Ronan, Pathways Coordinator.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Lands

Stacey Lewis, Trustee, South Prince Edward County, offered the Land Acknowledgement.

Rise and report from Committee of the Whole

Two human resource matters were discussed at the December 11, 2023 meeting.

Report from external organizations

Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA)

This report provided updates about the following:

  • OPSBA ratification of the ETFO Collective Agreement in December 2023
  • Public Education Symposium for trustees this week

Standing Committee reports

Governance and Policy Committee, January 15, 2024

By-Law Revisions for Section 5.28 Notice of Motion-January 2024

Board members approved revisions to the HPEDSB By-Law Section 5.28: Notice of Motion, effective January 23, 2024.

Find out more starting on page 13 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

Physical Planning, Finance and Building Committee, January 8, 2024

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • Budget planning process and timelines
  • Education air quality
  • Update about the transition to Easthill Elementary School in September 2024
  • Update on the sale of the former Queen Elizabeth School (Picton)
Multi-year Annual Accessibility Plan

Board members approved the the Multi-Year Annual Accessibility Plan for the period of September 2023 to August 2028.

Find out more starting on page 15 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

Statutory Committee reports

Supervised Alternative Learning Committee, January 10, 2024

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • 93 students were on Supervised Alternative Learning up to January, 2024, earning125 credits to date

Advisory Committee reports

Equity and Inclusivity Advisory Committee, January 2024

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • Positive feedback about commemorative dates recognized by HPEDSB
  • Update on Equity Action Plan activities
  • Professional learning opportunities for trustees will involve anti-hate and anti-racism

Student Voice Plan for 2023-2024

  • First Student Voice Committee meeting of 2024 was last week; the students discussed how to make washrooms safe for students, some students vape in the washroom; students recognize it is a complex issue
  • the provincial Indigenous Student Trustee Council has met twice and is planning for a next conference 

Chair's report

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • participation in online learning sessions of the Ontario Public School Boards' Association
  • attendance at the public meetings for the boundary reviews
  • A trustee shared updates from North Hastings High School about the new Construction Specialist High Skills Major program and a new Trades Sampler Dual Credits program starting in March

Director's report

  • The Learning Foundation gave $75,000 surplus funds to HPEDSB to purchase technology for schools, such as interactive display boards, student Chromebooks, iPads, or document cameras
  • Congratulations to Jack Brown, a Grade 12 student in the Visual Arts Program at Centennial Secondary School, who designed the Quinte Regional Science and technology Fair poster for 2024. Jack's poster will be used on all QRSTF promotional materials
  • HPEDSB graduation rate statistics: the 4-year grad rate (starting with the 2018-2019 school year) increased to 75% (6 point rise); and the 5-year graduation rate (starting with the 2017-2018 school year) increased to 78.6% (2.3 point rise)
  • Attendance at the School Within a College graduation last week where 13 HPEDSB students celebrated completion of their high school diploma. Congratulations to each graduate—it is exciting to see the alternative education options available and students achieving success

HPEDSB Staff reports

Kindergarten promotion

Orientation sessions will be offered this spring to welcome families and provide an opportunity for visits to the school. During these sessions, families can interact with educators and other school team members, become familiar with the school community and learn about the Kindergarten Program.

To support families and students feeling connected to their new school community, each registering family will receive a copy of the picture book All Are Welcome.

Find out more starting on page 55 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

De-streaming update

Beginning in September 2022, all Grade 9 Applied course types were removed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Grade 9 students began taking de-streamed courses. De-streaming is an educational approach that supports the achievement of equitable outcomes for every learner, and provides equity of hope, opportunity and outcomes for all students.

Selecting a pathway with a year of secondary school experience allows students, parents and school staff to make more informed decisions about student pathway choices.

Find out more starting on page 57 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

Student success through School-College-Work Initiatives (SCWI)

SCWI includes two components: 1) Dual Credits; and 2) School Within a College.

  • Dual Credits allow eligible students in high school to take college courses that count towards both their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • School Within a College allows students to complete high school through an immersive college experience that includes both high school and college courses.

Find out more starting on page 58 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

Staffing and recruiting

Recruiting new staff is a focus for school boards throughout Ontario. At HPEDSB, student enrolment has stabilized; however, retirements are leaving vacancies that need to be replaced.

From September 5, 2023 to January 15, 2024, the fill rate for daily teaching absences was 92%; the rate for support staff (EAs, DECEs, school office staff) was 85%. These rates include qualified and unqualified emergency staff.

Find out more starting on page 59 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

Calendar of events

Several school events, committee and Board meetings are scheduled for the remainder of January and into February. 

Find out more starting on page 61 of the January 22, 2024 agenda.

Correspondence from Halton Catholic DSB

Letter from Halton Catholic District School Board about greenhouse gas reduction funding is on page 63 of the January 22, 2024 agenda

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