Fall update on learning

Fall update on learning from Director of Education, Katherine MacIver
Posted on 11/15/2022


November 15, 2022—After a busy return to learning this fall, we have reached mid-November and the first term of learning in schools is nearly complete. I am pleased to have seen such a successful period of learning for students, and truly appreciate the events, extracurriculars and activities that have occurred in schools this fall.
You will soon receive updates on your child’s learning through Elementary Progress Reports, or secondary school first semester Mid-term Report Cards. I encourage you to review the report(s), then connect with school staff regarding your child’s learning progress. School and family communication is so important to student success, and educators appreciate your participation in your child’s learning. HPEDSB remains committed to ensuring students have access to learning opportunities and supports to prepare them for their future.
On behalf of everyone at HPEDSB, thank you for your patience and understanding during the labour action earlier this month. While it was not a local issue, the impact was felt in our schools and communities. The decision to close schools to students is one I take very seriously. Fortunately, schools were able to reopen quickly with minimal disruption. We look forward to hearing about a negotiated outcome between the province and CUPE to ensure our schools remain open and fully staffed.
Yesterday, the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health made a strong recommendation to wear masks indoors. This recommendation is relevant to schools due to the strains of respiratory illnesses circulating in communities and among children. While masks are not the only protective factor, medical experts believe them to be effective in reducing the transmission of respiratory viruses. Wearing masks in schools is not mandatory; however, it is strongly recommended for staff and students. HPEDSB will continue to respect personal choices and will continue to follow the recommendations and direction of Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.


Statement from Dr. Ethan Toumishey, HPEPH Medical Officer of Health