It's all students first at HPEDSB

Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their families. All our elementary schools offer Kindergarten for Year 1 (JK) and Year 2 (SK).

Quality early-learning experiences have the potential to improve children's overall health and well-being for a lifetime. Our Kindergarten classrooms are caring, safe, inclusive and accepting learning environments that encourage children to reach their full potential. At HPEDSB, we believe that a partnership between educators and families is key to promoting the resilience and overall well-being of children.

We understand that parents/guardians want to know about their children's learning and progress in school. We're here to help explain what to expect.

Our Kindergarten Programs are...

  • Flexible and responsive to individual differences
  • Designed to allow children to learn in unique ways
  • Supportive learning environments that promote creativity, learning through play and problem-solving
  • Spaces that encourage independent thinking, connection building and understanding feelings
  • Guided by a classroom teacher and early childhood educator team