Message to our communities about the attack on Ukraine

Message to our communities about the attack on Ukraine
Posted on 03/02/2022

The unprovoked attack on Ukraine by Russia is affecting people around the world and in our schools and communities. We are especially sensitive to our military families and their needs.

We denounce any acts of violence.

School staff and community partners are already supporting students who are especially impacted, and will continue to do so. Often students want to do something tangible when a tragic event happens. This can include writing journal entries, using art as a medium to express feelings, music to calm, making cards, or creating a message of hope. We recognize that not all students will be aware of the situation in Ukraine so it is best to proceed with caution when talking about the Eastern Europe events as it could trigger students. Mental health supports are available in schools for students/families having difficulties with the ongoing conflict. Speak with your school principal for more information and to request support.

Refer to this reference document, Ways to Support Students World Events (pdf), from School Mental Health Ontario. More tragic events resources for educators and families are available from SMHO.

Katherine MacIver
Director of Education