Attendance at school is important

Every school day counts!

Some students and families face challenges that make it difficult for students to go to school on a daily basis. As a result of their circumstances, these students are regularly absent from school and/or may participate in worrisome behaviours at home, school or in the community.

Being at school every day is essential for students to learn and be successful. If you have concerns about your child's attendance, the first person to contact is their teacher. 

Attendance Matters Tip Sheet (pdf)

Attendance, lates and safe arrival

Regular attendance at school is an important factor in every student’s academic success. At HPEDSB, we encourage all of our students to develop this important habit. Regular attendance is vital to good academic performance. Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered and be on time.

As outlined in Procedure 302: Safe Arrival, every school in HPEDSB is legally required to maintain an accurate attendance record for all students.

Attendance is taken in the morning and afternoon for all elementary students. Secondary students have attendance taken at the beginning of each class period. Students who must leave before the end of the day must sign out with parent permission through the main office.

Parents and guardians should promptly notify their child’s school for lates and absences. Please make sure the school has up to date contact information!

Supporting good attendance

You can support good attendance at school by doing the following as a family:

  • setting a regular bedtime and morning routine;
  • getting clothes and backpacks ready the night before;
  • encouraging a positive attitude about school;
  • communicating regularly with your child's teacher;
  • talking with your child about his/her school day;
  • taking part in school events and activities to show your child that you value school and education;
  • planning vacations and appointments around the school schedule whenever possible; and
  • making sure your child goes to school, unless he/she is truly sick.

We can help

Let your school know right away if there is a problem or concern. There are many ways schools and families can work together to get attendance back on track, or prevent an attendance problem from starting. If you require assistance, contact your school administrator, your child’s teacher, school social worker or child and youth worker, guidance or student success team member.

Contact information

Toll-free: 1-800-267-4350

Phone: 613-966-1170

Fax: 613-966-9322

Email: Student Services