Previous Accommodation Reviews

The Long-Term Capital and Accommodation Plan, October 2018 (pdf) is the reference document used for the accommodation reviews noted below.


Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) is committed to providing the best educational opportunities while ensuring fiscal responsibility and to enhancing the learning environment in its schools for all students.

From time to time the Board will consider the need to consolidate, close or relocate a school(s) due to changes in curriculum, program demands, student enrolment, community demographics and other factors. In some circumstances these considerations may result in the need to carry out an accommodation review for a school or group of schools. The Board may recommend that an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) be formed, as outlined in Policy 15: Student Enrolment/School Capacity - Pupil Accommodation Review.

The Board is committed to the following guiding principles:

  • Student achievement and well-being.
  • Effective stewardship of school board resources.
  • Student curriculum and program needs, as well as funding and renewal needs, will drive facility planning.
  • Upgrades to the condition of facilities will occur where feasible.
  • The Board will comply with Ministry of Education guidelines for school consolidation and closure decisions.
  • The Board will exemplify open decision-making, Board oversight and public participation in capital planning.

Approved accommodation reviews

Accommodation reviews have been approved for the Belleville and Madoc areas and a number of schools in Prince Edward County. An accommodation review happens through the school board, with public input, to determine the future of a school or group of schools. Accommodation reviews follow a very specific schedule over about seven months (pdf).

School board officials will be working with principals to organize accommodation review committees (ARCs) in each area. The ARC is a committee established by the school board that represents the affected school(s) of an accommodation review. The ARC acts as an official conduit for information shared between the school board and the school communities.

Members of an ARC include:

  • the school principal or designate
  • one teacher
  • one non-teaching staff member
  • three parents, one of whom is the school council chair or designate
  • two municipal/business/community members
  • one intermediate or secondary student

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Accommodation reviews for schools in Belleville, Centre Hastings and Prince Edward County