Loyalist College Skills Competition Medalists

HPE Students bring home the "hardware" at Loyalist College Skills Competition
Posted on 02/29/2024
Skills competition collage

HPE students shone bright at the Loyalist College Skills Competition held on February 26. With determination and skill, they proudly represented their schools and district, winning many medals across various categories. A full list of medal winners can be found below.

The success of HPE students at the Loyalist College Skills Competition underscores our commitment to providing students with opportunities for growth and excellence beyond the classroom.

Congratulations to all the participants for their exceptional performance at the Loyalist College Skills Competition. Your hard work, talent, and passion exemplify the spirit of excellence that defines HPEDSB.

2D Team AnimationCollage of student competing at Loyalist College Skills Competition including culinary, electrical, carpentry, automotive, aesthetics and photography
Bronze: Ronan Franklin and Page Demorest (Bayside Secondary School)
Silver: Trinity Maracle and Jack Brown (Centennial Secondary School)
Gold: Keina O'Leary and Addyson Stewart (Bayside Secondary School)

Bronze: Keegan Cronkwright (Central Hastings School)
Silver: JJ Smith (Central Hastings School)
Gold: Madison Boutilier (Bayside Secondary School)

Bronze: Kayla Simms (Bayside Secondary School)
Silver: Jacob Shephard (Prince Edward Collegiate Institute)
Gold: Ian Ketcheson (Bayside Secondary School)

Bronze: Christian Fonger (Bayside Secondary School)
Silver: Jacob Papineau (Bayside Secondary School)

Bronze: Hailey Hill and Alex Allen (Eastside Secondary School)

Bronze: Sebastian Waters (Central Hastings School)
Silver: James Cipparone (Central Hastings School)
Gold: Bailey Moore (Eastside Secondary School)

Bronze: Taylor Newell (Trenton High School)
Silver: Taylor Barnes (Trenton High School)

Bronze: Dylan Owen (Bayside Secondary School)
Silver: Abigail McIntosh (Bayside Secondary School)
Gold: Molly Aikman (Bayside Secondary School)