Provincial Indigenous Leads Gathering

Posted on 11/22/2023

HPEDSB was the host and organizer of the 2023 Provincial Indigenous Leads Gathering in Toronto.


Featuring guest speakers Dr. Sean Lessard from the University of Alberta and award-winning author and journalist Tanya Talaga, the event brought together K-12 Indigenous Education educators for three days of sharing, celebrating successes and collaborating on how to address challenges faced by Indigenous students.


Organizer Troy Maracle, HPEDSB Coordinator, Innovation and Inclusion Services, said HPEDSB has been hosting the event for the past 11 years, with Maracle as the lead organizer.


"It is truly an amazing opportunity to move the needle in support of Indigenous Education. Relationships have been formed over the last 11 years that have brought about a sense of community. This event is not a conference or a symposium—it is truly a gathering to have conversations that matter," said Maracle. 


In addition to being a place where participants learn together, the Gathering has become known for providing an environment where they can make personal connections with others who do the same work.

Over the years, this has fostered a community of knowledge builders and who share their experiences moving beyond the status quo, because, according to Maracle, “Indigenous Education is more than land acknowledgements and days of significance.”

Workshops and facilitated discussions featured topics generated by participants themselves, including the following:


  • Student support and engagement
  • Relationship and capacity building
  • Educator training and curriculum support
  • Accountability and leadership
  • Programming and community engagement

 The Gathering was attended by over 330 representatives from all Ontario school boards, including Indigenous leads, Student Success and instructional coaches, superintendents, directors of education, trustees and Elders.


HPEDSB looks forward to hosting future Gatherings, building even more relationships to support Indigenous students and Indigenous Education.