Letter from Director of Education

Letter from Katherine MacIver, Director of Education
Posted on 03/28/2023

March 28, 2023

Dear families, As March draws to a close, we find ourselves anticipating warmer weather and opportunities for fun outdoor school and family activities. Along with everyday learning, we’ve enjoyed a full return to extra-curriculars, field trips and school events. The excitement and joy of learning together are evident in every school. Thank you for your continued support! Many thanks also to the school volunteers who help make all this possible and for the support of the Food for Learning nutrition program.

Regular communication between home and school makes the difference for student success. Your child’s classroom teacher is the first person to contact for updates about their progress. Schools have supports available to assist with student learning, mental health and well-being.

Please remember that student attendance matters! Being at school every day ensures students have the greatest chance for success. Missing just 2 days of school a month puts students at risk of not having the skills they need to be successful, now and in the future. If you need any support with positive attendance patterns for your child, please contact your school. We’re here to help!

HPEDSB is currently consulting with families about student transportation for the coming school year. During this process, we are committed to communicating early, responsibly and with an open mind before choosing a course of action. Even so, as costs continue to balloon, we must consider ways to reduce expenses, while still providing core transportation service. It may not be possible to find solutions that satisfy everyone, but we are collecting as much information and considering as many perspectives as possible, to best inform the complex decisions to be made.

I encourage and welcome you to be involved in your child’s education. Whether it is volunteering in their classroom, attending a school council meeting, chaperoning a field trip, or cheering on a sporting event, family members make a difference for students!

Enjoy the spring weather and thank you for your support,

Katherine MacIver

Director of Education