Board Meeting Update: May 24, 2022

Board Meeting Update: May 24, 2022
Posted on 03/28/2022

May 24, 2022—This update provides a summary of the public meeting of the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board held May 24, 2022, livestreamed (the recorded version will be available within 24 hours). It is an unofficial summary of the meeting; official minutes will be approved at the next regular meeting in June.

Land Acknowledgement

Lawson Hung, Student Trustee, Trenton High School, recited the Land Acknowledgement: As we begin this meeting, we would like to acknowledge that we are gathering on the traditional land of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinabe and Wendat Huron peoples. As we, as a society, delve deeper into truth and reconciliation, we need to consider not only our relationships with each other but the relationship we have with the land. What does this land mean to you and how can you protect and nourish it? A Land Acknowledgement is nothing without action to support a path forward together. What relationships do we need to cultivate? What actions do we need to take? What is necessary to enact real, substantive change?


Indigenous Culture Camp

This presentation described the Indigenous Culture Camp from last summer for students at North Hastings High. The camp was for students going in to Grade 9 in September 2021. The presenters shared how they connect with Indigenous students on a daily basis. While at the camp, the students participated in outdoor learning on the land and in the water, in ceremonies and teachings, and they also developed long-lasting relationships. The 12 students from last year continue to be involved in the NHHS Wolf Pack extra-curricular club. This year, 15 students will participate in the camp. Thank you to Marsha Depotier, Social Worker; and Trevor Pearce, Graduation Coach for their song and expressive presentation celebrating Indigenous culture.


Special Education Plan

Board members approved amendments to the 2021-2022 Special Education Plan, which included the addition of pandemic supports; statistics for referrals, reviews and appeals; and updates to the Staff Development section. Find out more starting on page 8 of the May 24, 2022 agenda.

Ad Hoc Director of Education Performance Appraisal Committee

Board members approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to facilitate an appraisal of the Director of Education. Trustees Binder, Danes, Kyle, Parks and McConnell will participate.


Report from the Director of Education

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • Mental health event for students during Education Week the first week of May 2022 featuring Dr. Julie Gowthorpe
  • Special project at Eastside Secondary School for OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program), which involved students producing lacrosse heads using a 3D printer
  • A meeting with the Military Family Resource Centre in Trenton to build the relationship and collaborate on opportunities for military students and families. Options discussed included sharing HPEDSB job postings, tutoring supports for students and a student ambassador program
  • HPEDSB hosted the Regional Education Council last Friday, a meting of 12 directors of education from the east region. Topics discussed included the online learning graduation requirement, the recent Right to Read Report and next steps, and learning recovery for students.
Proposed committee meeting dates for the 2022-2023 school year

The proposed dates for Board and committee meetings were shared for planning purposes. Find out more starting on page 65 of the May 24, 2022 agenda.

Summer Learning Program

HPEDSB be offering a variety of summer learning opportunities to students in Grades SK-12 in all regions during July and August 2022. Each will provide rich and diverse learning  for students to engage in learning recovery, opportunities to stay and/or reach ahead to be on track to graduation, and have access to learning experiences and connections in preparation for the transition to the new school year. Find out more starting on page 68 of the May 24, 2022 agenda.

Board Improvement and Equity Plan update

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • the current plan, which was for the past three years, will end June 30, 2022
  • the plan focused on three main areas: equity of hope, equity of opportunity and equity of outcome, through five guiding questions: 1) who are our learners? 2) what do we want them to learn? 3) how do we program for them? 4) how will we know if they are progressing/achieving? 5) what will we do if students do not achieve
Report from student trustees

Congratulations to two students elected as student trustees: Julia Webster, Eastside Secondary School and Shoshannah Spencer, Centennial Secondary School, who represent the Indigenous student voice. They will begin their term on August 1, 2022. Lawson Hung, Trenton High School, will return in September for a second term as student trustee. Find out more starting on page 70 of the May 24, 2022 agenda.

Report from the Parent Involvement Committee meeting, April 4, 2022

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • distribution of Parents Reaching Out grants provided by the Ministry of Education
  • single-streaming courses at secondary school
  • the final PIC meeting for this school year is May 30, 2022; all are welcome to participate online
Report from the Budget/Finance Committee, May 16, 2022

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • update on the QSS Capital Priorities Submission, which was not approved for funding by the Ministry of Education
  • preliminary draft budget, which contained a significant deficit and is being revised by staff
  • the next meeting is June 6, 2022
Report from the HPE Learning Foundation/HPEDSB Ad Hoc Committee meeting, May 9, 2022

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • gathering data and continuing to meet
  • the next meeting is May 31, 2020
Report from the Special Education Advisory Committee, May 19, 2022

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • year-end summary
  • updates for mental health, summer supports, impaired driving prevention
  • correspondence from Near North DSB
  • presentation from the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
OPSBA Information Exchange (Ontario Public School Boards Association)

Highlights from this report included the following:

  • guest speaker Patricia DeGuire who discussed the Right to Read Report

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