Cookies for Culture at Bayside SS

Cookies for Culture at Bayside SS
Posted on 12/02/2022

December 2, 2022—On Thursday, December 1, Bayside Secondary School hosted a Cookies for Culture event, a joint effort between the Bayside Kindness Committee and International Students. The event was held in front of the wall of friendship, which represents Bayside's commitment to fostering a community of culture at school.

Over 150 students participated in the event. Students picked a phrase or word written in Italian, Spanish, or French, then spoke the phrase/word to the international student who speaks that language, who then helped them with the definition and pronunciation. After that, the student was given a cookie they could decorate in the flag of one of the international students.

Teacher and organizer Allison Culkin shared "Thank you to the international students who gave up their lunch hour to help teach students a new word. You were gracious and kind and so patient! You might not believe this, but many students will go home and tell their parents about the word they had and the kind international student they spoke to. We are so lucky to have you as part of the school!"

Allison also expressed thanks to the Bayside students who participated, for taking a risk and being vulnerable in trying something new with a peer, as well as the teacher chaperones, Bayside senior foods class, the Kindness Committee and Ms. Bell's class for helping to facilitate the event.

Bayside students Bayside students Bayside students

Bayside students Bayside students Bayside stduents