Announcing school leadership teams for the 2020-2021 school year

Announcing school leadership teams for the 2020-2021 school year
Posted on 04/29/2020

April 29, 2020_Each year at this time, the HPEDSB reviews school leadership strengths and opportunities for realignment, and announces changes at some elementary and secondary schools.

School leaders are pivotal to the development of excellent teaching, effective schools, and ultimately, enhanced student achievement and well-being. As school leaders, principals and vice-principals play a critical role in student learning, second only to teaching. At HPEDSB, the precision and credibility of the school leadership selection process is of the highest calibre.

HPEDSB principals and vice-principals are educators who care about kids. They are also parents, family members and community leaders who have influence on thousands of children and youth during their careers. Being an HPEDSB school leader means being thoughtful and caring when interacting with staff, students and their families. It means being lifelong learners and mentors who act with integrity and responsibility. It means promoting collective accountability and responsibility for student achievement. It also means contributing to welcoming, respecting and inclusive school environments, where parents/guardians are valued as partners in their children's learning.

Lucille Kyle, Chair of the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board welcomed the new appointments, saying, "On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we welcome these school leadership appointments and offer the support of all of us for their success. When they are successful, our schools and students will be, as well. If there is one thing that these recent weeks have demonstrated, it is how important leadership is in our communities. We wish all our school leaders the greatest success as they move into or continue in their principal or vice-principal roles."

Sean Monteith, Director of Education added, "Working in education during today's challenges and demands is complex, and requires a high-level of commitment from all staff. The role of principal and vice-principal can be the most demanding and also the most rewarding in our schools. If the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board is to strive towards excellence in all schools, it will require the strength and leadership of its principals and vice-principals. We will be successful if they are successful. I congratulate each and every one of them, and wish them successful careers in administrative leadership."

Changes for the 2020-2021 school year

Beginning with retirements, the following school leaders will retire at the end of this school year.

  • Ken Manderville, Principal at Eastside Secondary School
  • Ian Press, Principal at Bayside Secondary School
  • Anne Slager, Principal at Deseronto Public School
  • Liane Woodley, Principal at Centennial Secondary School

In addition, Kim Sampson, Principal at Trenton High School, will begin a personal leave of absence effective the end of this school year.

School leadership teams for the 2020-2021 school year

(names in bold represent a change from the current school year)

School Principal Vice-principal
Athol-South Marysburgh Public School (JK-8) Heather McMaster None
Bayside Public School (JK-6) Nicola Wand Todd Hinks
Bayside Secondary School (7-12) Ruth Ellen Cummings Katherine Wannamaker Brad Wilson
Bird's Creek Public School (JK-6) Marion Wilson None
Centennial Secondary School (7-12) Marg Thompson Doug Callaghan

Tara Reid

Centre Hastings Secondary School (9-12) Dayna Scaletta Duane Wiltshire
C.M.L. Snider School (JK-8) Tina Jones None
Coe Hill School (JK-6) Rob Lake None
Deseronto Public School (JK-8) Carla McFarlane None
Eastside Secondary School (9-12) Eric Fetterley Therese McMahon

Kelly Tsarouhas

Foxboro Public School (JK-8) Bill Launderville None
Frankford Public School (JK-8) Joanne Barry None
Harmony Public School (JK-8) Kim Myderwyk Laura Maclellan Fraser
Harry J. Clarke Public School (JK-8) Jennifer Slater Teri Cook
Hermon Public School (JK-6) Lisa Resmer (shared with York River Public School) Taras Humen
Kente Public School (JK-8) Annette Huizinga None
Madoc Public School (JK-8) Kim Reid Paul Longhurst
Madoc Township Public School (JK-8) Louise Gunning None
Marmora Public School (JK-8) Steve McFadden Jason Carman
Massassaga-Rednersville Public School (JK-6) Cassandra Bellwood None
Maynooth Public School (JK-6) Lisa McKenna-Sutherland None
North Hastings High School (7-12) Wayne Stewart Lynn Andrews
North Trenton Public School (JK-6) Chad Harvey None
Park Dale School (JK-8) Cassandra Windsor Angela Harvey
Prince Charles School (Belleville) (JK-6) Stephanie Taylor-Harvey Shelley Bonter
Prince Charles Public School (Trenton) (JK-6) Suzanne Cholasta None
Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (JK-12) Andrew Ross Joe Doran

Angie Friel

Dean Goodman

Prince of Wales Public School (JK-8) Derek DeLarge Kelly MacKay
Queen Elizabeth School (JK-8) Tanya Whittaker Twyla Jackson (shared with Queen Victoria School)
Queen Victoria School (JK-6) Kevin MacLaurin Twyla Jackson (shared with Queen Elizabeth School)
Sir John A. Macdonald School (JK-6) Leanne Pond None
Sophiasburgh Central School (JK-8) Lee Mahon-Prophet None
Stirling Public School (JK-8) Susan Carleton-Maines Lisa McGeachy
Susanna Moodie Elementary School (JK-8) Clinton Breau None
Trent River Public School (JK-6) Steve Toffelmire Geoff Said
Trenton High School (7-12) Jackie Waller Adrian Bertrand

Tera Brough

Tweed Elementary School (JK-8) Derek Potts Lindsay Chisholm
Tyendinaga Public School (JK-8) Jennifer Hawkins None
V.P. Carswell Elementary School (JK-6) Earle Wright None
York River Public School (JK-6) Lisa Resmer (Hermon Public School) Susan D'Angelo

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