Home-School Connections: ideas to enhance student learning at home, April 2019

Home-School Connections: ideas to enhance student learning at home, April 2019
Posted on 04/09/2019

Each month, school newsletters include a one-page insert called Home-School Connections. It describes ways in which families can enhance student learning at home in the areas of literacy; numeracy; healthy, caring schools and improving student learning.

This month's Home-School Connections (Pdf) features:

  • Numerate Citizens - Students who are effective numerate learners use mathematical processes to problem-solve, communicate and reflect on their thinking. Questions to help students reflect on math and make connections:
    • What were you thinking when you made decisions or selected strategies to solve the problem?
    • What changes did you have to make to solve the problem?
    • Where do you use this math? At home? At school? Outside?
  • Making Math Fun Through Games - Math games are one way for students to focus on building an understanding of math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, rather than strict memorization. Through game students learn math facts at the same time as working on something they enjoy.
  • Math is Visual
    • Math is Visual was created to assist in building a better conceptual understanding of mathematics through the use of visuals.
    • Estimation 180 includes challenges to help improve number sense and problem solving skills.
  • School Climate Survey - you and your opinion matter!

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