School administrators for the 2015-2016 school year

School administrators for the 2015-2016 school year

Each year at this time, decisions are made about the placement of school administrators for the new school year beginning in September.

Changes are made sometimes for a variety of reasons, such as due to retirements or leaves, individual requests or for leadership development.

Principal & Vice-principal Placements
for the 2015-2016 School Year (text in bold indicates a change)

Elementary School Current Year September 2015
Principal Vice-principal Principal Vice-principal
Athol-South Marysburgh Public School Kevin MacLaurin Kevin MacLaurin
Bayside Public School Bessie Stelatos Steve McFadden Bessie Stelatos Steve McFadden
Bird's Creek Public
Breadner Elementary
Leanne Pond Bill Launderville Lee Mahon-Prophet
C.M.L. Snider School Tina Elliott Tina Elliott
Coe Hill School Rob Lake TBD
College Street Public
Joanne Nitschke Annette Huizinga Joanne Nitschke Clinton Breau
Deseronto Public
Derek Potts Derek Potts
Earl Prentice Public
Heather McMaster Clinton Breau Heather McMaster Clinton Breau
Foxboro Public School Kim Reid Kim Reid
Frankford Public
Anne Slager Anne Slager
Harmony Public School Louise Gunning Jennifer Hawkins Louise Gunning Corrina Massey
Harry J. Clarke
Public School
Marie Mitchell Jennifer Birt Marie Mitchell Jennifer Hawkins
Hermon Public School Lisa
Michael Mitchell Lisa
Sarika Henry
Hillcrest School Carla Ross Carla Ross
Kente Public School Stephanie
Madoc Public School Joanne Barry Cassandra Bellwood Joanne Barry Cassandra Bellwood
Madoc Township Public
Cathy Speedy Leanne Pond
Marmora Senior Public
Suzanne Copeland Rob Lake
Public School
Barb Allen Barb Allen
Maynooth Public
Lisa Resmer Lisa Resmer
North Trenton Public
Derek DeLarge Lee Mahon-Prophet Jennifer Slater
Park Dale School Stacey Belanger Kim Mahoney Derek DeLarge Kim Mahoney
Pinecrest Memorial
Elementary School
Kim Myderwyk Kim Myderwyk
Prince Charles School
Marg Thompson Corrina Massey Marg Thompson Nancy Vickers
Prince Charles Public
School (Trenton)
Steve Toffelmire Annette Huizinga Steve Toffelmire
Prince of Wales
Public School
Cassandra Windsor Tanya Whittaker Cassandra Windsor Tanya Whittaker
Queen Elizabeth
Public School (Trenton)
Derek DeLarge Lee Mahon-Prophet N/A - School Closing N/A - School Closing
Queen Elizabeth
School (Belleville)
Earle Wright Earle Wright
Queen Elizabeth
School (Picton)
Bill Launderville Tonia Shelmerdine Paul Pickard Tonia Shelmerdine
Queen Victoria School Chad Harvey Chad Harvey
Sir John A. Macdonald
Nicola Wand Nicola Wand
Sophiasburgh Central
Rob McFadden Rob McFadden
Stirling Public School Suzanne Cholasta Nancy Vickers Suzanne Cholasta Annette Huizinga
Susanna Moodie
Elementary School
Heather Rutherford Heather Rutherford
Tweed Elementary
Susan Carleton-Maines Cassandra Bellwood Susan Carleton-Maines Cassandra Bellwood
Tyendinaga Public
Deirdre Gordon Deirdre Gordon
V.P. Carswell
Elementary School
Ted Ashberry Ted Ashberry
York River Public
Marion Wilson Taras Humen Marion Wilson Lynn Andrews

Principal & Vice-principal Placements for the 2015-2016 School Year (text in bold indicates a change)

Secondary School Current Year September 2015
Principal Vice-principal Principal Vice-principal
Bayside Secondary School Ian Press Nancy Popovich Ian Press Nancy Popovich
Centennial Secondary School Kim Sampson Dayna Scaletta Kim Sampson Dayna Scaletta
Centre Hastings Secondary School Shelley MacKenzie-Coates Todd Hinks Shelley MacKenzie-Coates Todd Hinks
Moira Secondary School Grant Montgomery Jill Batchelor Grant Montgomery Doug Callaghan
North Hastings High School Ken Dostaler Lynn Andrews Ken Dostaler Wayne Steward
Prince Edward Collegiate Institute Darren McFarlane Doug Callaghan Darren McFarlane Therese McMahon
Quinte Secondary School Liane Woodley Eric Fetterley Liane Woodley Eric Fetterley
Trenton High School Ken Manderville Ruth Ellen Cummings Ken Manderville Ruth Ellen Cummings

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