Royal Kindness Ninjas interviewed on CBC Radio

Royal Kindness Ninjas interviewed on CBC Radio
Posted on 11/25/2015

We are excited to share a good news story. This morning, Queen Victoria School was featured on CBC Radio for its Royal Kindness Ninjas campaign.

It came about as a class response to the HPEDSB Say One Nice Thing initiative.

Grade 4/5 teacher Teresa Mason and her class came up with the concept of Royal Kindness Ninjas, complete with curriculum connections, costumes, flyers, 'rocket'candies, kindness acts and a 'tag, you're it'approach.

Teresa and student Trey Ruttan chatted with Ontario Morning host Wei Chen this morning.

According to teacher Teresa Mason, the Royal Kindness Ninjas campaign has been a worthwhile learning experience for students.

"My students are obsessed with this campaign and it has turned out to be such an authentic way to connect curriculum. They estimated the cars in the parking lots, the elapsed time between each location to ensure they arrived on time, the unit and then total cost of the rockets, and where the cheapest place was to buy them."

"This week has been amazing but the students and I are really excited about what happens next. We are going to have regular tags and a monthly focus of acts of kindness. They are already brainstorming free things they can do, from bagging leaves at the rose garden, to removing snow from windshields of seniors'apartments," she added.

Keep track of the Royal Kindness Ninjas by following @KindNinjaTag on Twitter.

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