Engaging students in learning to achieve goals at Trenton High

Engaging students in learning to achieve goals at Trenton High

Providing safe, respectful and caring learning environments is a priority in our schools. One school is taking a hands-on approach to engaging students in these areas.

At Trenton High, the staff has partnered with the community to encourage and support students in their social and academic journeys.

On Thursday, May 15, 2014, all Grade 9 students will be involved in a full-day conference about learning to persevere. During the event known as Push Through, Bounce Back: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour, all Grade 9 'Tigers'will participate in workshops to learn about and celebrate their strengths, transform challenges, and laugh at the bumps in the road on their journeys through young adulthood.

Guest speakers

Ten guests speakers, including THS alumni, THS students and community members, will share strategies for achieving goals in school, work and home life. Learning to persevere through transitions and bounce back from the challenges encountered in early adulthood can lead to continued growth and success.

Keynote speaker, Nick Foley of Celebrate the Hero, will share insights on "Being Real." Yoga instructors, Melanie Veenstra and Brandon Abram, will provide de-stressing exercises for body and mind.

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