Creating this free-standing structure took cooperation, creativity

Creating this free-standing structure took cooperation, creativity

Amidst the construction of their new school, the Grade 5 and 6 students at Harmony Public School learned the importance of cooperation and teamwork when building a structure much larger than themselves.

Students had been investigating the strength of structures. Their final challenge was to make a structure out of paper that was free standing.

Students divided themselves into working groups then chose leaders to help plan and organize each member's role, and how to complete each part of their tasks. The groups were provided with only newsprint and masking tape.

Based on a model, each group constructed a smaller portion of the larger structure. Once complete, the smaller groups were faced with the next challenge- they needed to collaborate with the other groups in order to combine all their structures to build the final structure.

After a challenging and fun afternoon, students gained an understanding of the importance of teamwork and felt a sense of pride when the task was accomplished.

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