Bayside SS students had a VIP experience at Rick Riordan event in Toronto

Bayside SS students had a VIP experience at Rick Riordan event in Toronto

A love of reading took 22 Bayside Secondary School students on an adventure in early October. They attended an exclusive event to hear author Rick Riordan speak about his renowned fiction books.

With only one Canadian stop on his current tour, students were excited to be part of Riordan's event. The Bayside students had a VIP experience, complete with reserved seats at the front of the venue. Each had read all of Riordan's books. Many of the students chose to purchase a ticket that included a signed copy of his book, Blood of Olympus.

Riordan writes in the Young Adult, Fantasy category. A former teacher, Riordan described how his family encouraged him to turn the bedtime stories he would tell to his sons into novels. He began writing adventures involving teenagers and Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.

Riordan has written the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (five books), as well as The Heroes of Olympus series (five books culminating in The Blood of Olympus) and The Kane Chronicles. All deal with mythology. The Olympian series deals with Greek and Roman mythology, while The Kane Chronicles series is about ancient Egypt.

The event was hosted by Indigo and held at the Bloor Street United church in Toronto.

Each participant received a free T-shirt, logoed with either Camp Half-blood or Camp Jupiter, two rival camps depicted in the stories.

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