Trenton High to offer a specialist course in the non-profit sector

Trenton High to offer a specialist course in the non-profit sector

Starting in September 2013, students at Trenton High School will have access to a new Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) geared towards the non-profit sector.

Trenton High has always been connected to the community. Students regularly fundraise, support food drives and engage in safe schools/bullying awareness initiatives.

Through the non-profit SHSM, students will take courses, engage in reach-ahead activities and experiential learning, and earn seven certifications to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills. Courses will focus on community action and responsible citizenship.

Students in the non-profit major will study a bundle of Grade 11 and 12 courses. They will earn:

  • four major credits providing skills and knowledge in the non-profit sector;
  • one English credit and other credits tailored to include units focused on non-profit;
  • two cooperative education credits to gain workplace experience that enables students to refine, extend and practise sector-specific knowledge and skills;
  • experiential learning, career exploration and reach ahead activities within the sector;
  • certifications and training programs/courses in first aid, teamwork, and cultural competency;
  • essential skills and work habits required in the sector.

Future career paths for non-profit majors include the following:

  • apprenticeship pathway: event planner, policy analyst;
  • college pathway: fundraising manager, counsellor;
  • university pathway: international aid worker, NGO program administrator; or
  • entry level workplace: fundraiser.

Trenton High School also offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Sports Management.

HPEDSB secondary schools offer 11 other SHSMs, related to manufacturing, construction, environment, health and wellness, and Arts and culture.

For more information, please contact:
Kerry Donnell, Communications Officer, 613-966-1170 or 1 800 267-4350, extension 2354, [email protected]