Teams Bayside & Quinte paddled to success at cardboard boat races!

Teams Bayside & Quinte paddled to success at cardboard boat races!

Congratulations to students from Bayside and Quinte secondary schools for achieving success at the Skills Canada 2013-2014 Secondary School Cardboard Boat Race event!

Team Bayside was awarded a Gold and Team Quinte was awarded a Bronze.

Grade 9 students Doug Ashmore, Spencer Gibbs, Adam Moore and Michael Terpstra.

Grade 10 students (who won the Gold) Adam Blakley, Joesph Shudall, Rain Watson and Kurtis Wright.

Grade 10 students Brandon Curtis, Maxine Lyng, Victoria Maietta and Eric Sloan.

During this competition, teams of up to four students from the same school designed and constructed one boat to participate in both a speed and a weight challenge in a pool. Students were given the materials to construct the boat and two hours to build it. Teams were encouraged to build and test sample boats prior to the event. Drawings of boat designs were collected upon sign-in for judging.

The Bayside team"s boat held 605 pounds in the weight test which was the highest of all entries.

Both teams have now qualified for the Ontario Cardboard Boat Race Championships in Waterloo, Ontario on March 6, 2013.

In addition to being a lot of fun, the results demonstrate the students" commitment to collaboration, teamwork and engineering skills. The support of the technology teachers and school administrators was appreciated by the competitors.

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