Congratulations to Fiza Javed, Centennial SS, major scholarship winner

Congratulations to Fiza Javed, Centennial SS, major scholarship winner

Fiza Javed aspires to study and make a career in life sciences and medicine. Her goal: to study at the University of Toronto next year.

She was this year's Centennial nominee for the U of T National Scholarship Program and she has become one of 10 winners of this prestigious award.

To be considered, students need more than just exceptional marks. They must have built a portfolio of community service and leadership experience, submit several written pieces, as well as an original research project, have a passion for learning and a genuine desire to succeed. The selection process involved a four-day session at the University of Toronto St. George campus, including two interviews and a defence of her research paper.

Javed was successful at winning $75,000 in scholarship funding toward her future education, with her choice of campus, program and residence. She is one of a number of successful Centennial SS students in the past year, including Rami Saab and Ben Jones in 2012.

Javed has not only excelled in her academic studies, but has been involved in a variety of school and community programs, including CSS Student Council, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, being a youth ambassador for the city of Belleville's Health Services, volunteering at Belleville General Hospital, working as a voice for youth on the Community Development Council of Quinte, being a member of the CSS Global Awareness Club, and taking a semester away to teach and design an ESL course for underprivileged young girls at a school in Pakistan.

When asked to reflect on her philosophy of life, Fiza said, "I am just another high school student with a passion to see a better world around me; whether it is through my research to create awareness, my actions or just a positive gesture that can put a smile on someone's face.

"I have always been driven by words of Mahatma Gandhi, ' Be the change you want to see in the world'."

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