A trip to Vimy Ridge for student Abigail Reid, Centennial SS

A trip to Vimy Ridge for student Abigail Reid, Centennial SS

Congratulations to Abigail Reid, Centennial Secondary School, for winning a one-week trip to Vimy Ridge in April.

Reid, a Grade 11 student, wrote an essay for Canada's History magazine. She was selected as one of 20 students from across Canada to win the Vimy Pilgrimage Award for 2013.

According to the Canada's History website, "The Vimy Pilgrimage Award recognizes the actions of young people who demonstrate outstanding service, positive contributions, notable deeds, bravery or leadership . . . Applicants are required to submit a motivation letter (500-word maximum) outlining the reasons why they are worthy of the award. In choosing award winners, the Award Committee will put great weight on the enthusiasm and excitement displayed in the motivation letter."

One of Reid's teachers, Amber Clarke, read about the contest and suggested Reid apply. Reid created a resume and essay for the application. Clarke helped her to edit it and wrote her a reference letter.

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