$3,708 raised by Bayside PS students for Terry Fox Foundation

$3,708 raised by Bayside PS students for Terry Fox Foundation

Submitted by Tanya Eybel, Teacher, Grade 3.

Congratulations to students at Bayside Public School. They raised $3,708.75 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

The students participated in their 9th Annual Terry Fox National School Run Day on Thursday, September 26.

The event began with a gathering in the school gym, followed by a short video about Terry Fox. Once the video was completed, Camryn, a Senior Kindergarten student and two-time cancer survivor, shared a few words with the students.

Then, after the sound of a police siren was heard, Camryn began the school's walk/run with her younger brother, Calvin, and mother, Michelle. They were accompanied by 465 students, staff and family members. After 30 minutes, students gathered together to watch 15 students and one teacher get their hair shaved or cut by two parent volunteers, Sherry Burkitt (from Canadian Clipper in Brighton), and Ashley Pederson (from Tangles in Trenton).

After the cheers and clapping subsided, each participant shared their reason for shaving or cutting their hair.

The school's fundraising goal of $3,500 was exceeded by over $200. This takes Bayside PS's fundraising grand total to an incredible $24,383.34 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Students, staff and family members were definitely feeling proud to be part of the Bayside PS community!