Our Community

Our Community

The City of Belleville is located on the north shore of the Bay of Quinte. Ideally situated between Toronto and Montreal, and less than one hour from the U.S. border, Belleville truly is at the center of it all! Approximately 55,000 people call Belleville their home and over 200,000 people live within 30 minutes of the city. Belleville’s bustling city streets contrast the rolling rural landscapes that surround them.Belleville is a multi-cultural community that provides access to boating, nearby beaches, beautiful parks and many trails, theatre, live music, shopping and more!

  City of Belleville     Bay Bridge

Getting Around Belleville

Belleville is a very safe city, and you will feel comfortable early on, making your way to school, your friend’s houses, and local shopping. If you are nervous about taking a city bus for the first time, your host family will ride the route with you.

Public Transportation – City of Belleville has city buses that are easy to use and free of charge for students!

Bicycling – The Belleville area has many cyclists and there are many beautiful trails throughout the city to explore as well as parks.

Walking – Walking around Belleville is easy with good sized sidewalks and several trails to enjoy. The size of the city makes walking a viable option. City of Belleville Trails