Admission Process

For HPE partner agencies to submit online student applications
 *If you are not working with an agency and are looking for a referral, please email us at: [email protected]

For parents who are not working with an agency.

Available Program Dates

  • September – June (10 months)
  • September – January (5 months)
  • February – June (5 months)


Admission Process

 All applications are submitted through True North, our secure on-line portal for all applications. Our office no longer accepts hard copies or applications via email.

Step 1: The application form must be completed in True North and the following documents uploaded in a pdf format:

  • Student’s passport
  • Student’s immunization records
  • A list of medications the student will bring to Canada
  • A copy of the student’s past two years school marks
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher
  • A variety of photos to showcase the student’s natural family, their hobbies and interests

Step 2: Successful applicants are sent an “Acceptance” email to their agency. A draft letter of acceptance, draft custodianship documents and an invoice are shared with the agency in True North.

Step 3: Upon payment of fees, the agency representing the successful applicant, will receive an “Admission” email. This indicates final approval and the Final Letter of Acceptance (LOA), notarized Page 1 custodianship document and payment receipt are share in True North.

Step 4: The Program Coordinator will have a virtual meeting with the student and parents, to discuss the student’s timetable/class schedule and to answer any questions.

Step 5: Students arrive to Canada on pre-determined arrival dates in order to take part in the mandatory 2-day orientation.