Student Achievement Plan

Student Achievement Plan for HPEDSB
Posted on 03/28/2024

As required by the Ministry of Education, HPEDSB has developed a comprehensive report called the Student Achievement Plan (SAP) to summarize student achievement performance indicators and progress on provincial education priorities. 

Think of the SAP as a roadmap showing the HPEDSB progress in three provincial priority areas for student achievement:

  1. Achievement of Learning Outcomes in Core Academic Skills
  2. Preparation of Students for Future Success
  3. Student Engagement and Well-Being

Student Achievement Plan (pdf)

Through the SAP, parents, guardians, students and communities have a clear view of the performance of HPEDSB in relation to provincial benchmarks. The SAP also outlines the actions, programs and strategies HPEDSB intends to implement over the next three years to enhance student outcomes, and address identified trends and opportunities.

These actions will be reviewed and refined each year based on a review of progress made and feedback from stakeholders within the community.

The SAP came about in July 2023 when significant regulator changes and policy reforms were introduced by the Ministry of Education through the Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act, 2023.