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Ventilation at schools

September 1, 2021—School boards are using multiple strategies to support healthy and safe learning environments for students and staff as they return to in-person learning this fall. Supported by Ministry of Education investments in ventilation system improvements during the 2020-2021 school year, HPEDSB has undertaken extensive work over the past year to optimize and improve ventilation and air filtration in schools.

What is HPEDSB doing to improve air flow?

Air quality is being optimized at schools through improved ventilation and filtration, depending on the type of ventilation. This is a key element as part of the multiple protective strategies in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and support healthier and safe learning environments for students and staff.

The Ventilation Strategy (see Graphic 1 below), includes the following best practices:

Investments at HPEDSB schools

The investments made by the Ministry of Education and school boards enabled all Ontario schools to implement a range of measures to improve ventilation and air quality (see Graphic 2 below).

2021-2022 school year

2020-2021 school year

School board ventilation strategy
Graphic 1: Ventilation Strategy
Board investments in ventilation
Graphic 2: Ventilation Profile