Student trustees

Student trustees

Involving students in Board business is a valuable learning experience. Hearing from student trustees at Board meetings about student issues and opinions is a way to engage these leaders beyond their school community. They represent student opinions at the Board level and participate actively on committees.

What do student trustees do?

Student trustees are involved in so many different ways at their school and also at the Board level. The are leaders who represent the voices of all student. For example, student trustees:

  • Attend school Board meetings and are knowledgeable about policies and procedures
  • Serve as student representatives between the Board and the Student Senate
  • Serve as the Board’s representatives at the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association
  • Attend the annual Ontario Student Trustees’ Association conference
  • Undertake a mentoring role with the incoming Student Senate

2018-2019 student trustees

2018-2019 Student Trustees

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