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CBC Music Class Challenge: Sophiasburg Central School – Small but Mighty

December 6, 2021—This September, the Sophiasburg Central School Grade 7/8 class received new ukeleles through the fund-raising efforts of their school council. Weeks later, music teacher Misu Burns registered the class to participate in the CBC Music Class Challenge performing Ginalina’s “Small But Mighty”.

Enlisting support from Grade 3/4 teacher Sam Hirst and student father Caleb Hutton at Back 40 Productions, Burns’ small team took on the large job of creating a video entry for the contest, while following all necessary COVID-19 safety protocols.

Hirst also taught her class sign language, which accompanies the singers in the video. Burns taught the other participating classes a combination of singing, playing ukulele and movement.

“Learning Ginalina’s Small But Mighty for the CBC Music Class Challenge was indeed a challenge,” shared Burns, “but it also proved to be very rewarding, as the students improved with each class and all their hard work really paid off. Our school may be small but we are mighty in heart and spirit!”

The CBC Music Class Challenge 2021 Top Tens in all categories will be announced on Tuesday, December 7. Winners will be declared on Tuesday, December 14.

Last updated: December 6, 2021 at 10:24 am
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