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We are family at HPEDSB

Good Afternoon Everyone,

As we head into the weekend and after a week that has had its share of political uncertainty I felt that it would be appropriate and prudent to address the “elephant in the room.” There is no denying that we are in the midst of uncertain times and with it, recognize that the ongoing provincial messaging and the subsequent federation actions in response to this messaging is impacting everyone. On Monday, a letter to all parents/guardians and families will go home from me on behalf of the Board. As I wrote it, I also (as I always do) kept in mind that staff and our community partners will read it, too. The messaging then is not private but for all who are invested in HPEDSB to receive. I want to ask everyone to try and remain grounded in the fact that the political turbulence we are currently experiencing will eventually subside and “normal” will return.

It is my expressed hope this occur sooner than later.

In the meantime and as I state in my letter, “we” in the HPEDSB are not just colleagues, staff, associates or administrators—we are family. The Board’s action and response to a rapidly unfolding situation and decisions by the government and the unions will be coordinated as best as possible, and always carefully considered through the lens of what is “the impact on our students, their families and our staff?” We will do our very best to communicate clearly, responsibly and decisively. Like you, many an the administration level are not always certain of what events may unfold day-to-day and are informed only a day or so before the public is. I promise on behalf of the Board and the Senior Administration, we will model responsible behavior that ensures our decisions and actions are made with the best information we have. I have often felt that when the going gets tough and times are uncertain, folks “look to the top” to see our response. With that in mind, we will not overreact nor behave in an indiscriminate way, but rather remain calm and measured in our approach and communication.

In spite of the uncertainty that circles all boards in Ontario right now, and at this time let all of us in the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board model good behavior, supported by solid and confident conduct.

Please enjoy your weekend with your families and friends, and remember we will get through these next few weeks together.

Take care,