Teacher wins Canadian Certificate of Achievement

Madoc Township PS teacher wins Prime Minister's Certificate of Achievement
Posted on 06/12/2024
Angela Burr

Angela Burr, teacher at Madoc Township Public School, is being recognized at the national level for her creative and innovative teaching methods. She has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement through the Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence in STEM program.

Angela's classroom is a model of inclusivity and patience. Her ability to cultivate and grow students' natural curiosity turns the classroom into a community where every student feels valued.

In her classroom, Angela views students as architects of their own learning, tailoring the curriculum to their interests. She emphasizes holistic development, recognizing each student's unique capacity to learn and contribute. Angela also invites community experts into the classroom to share their knowledge.

Among Angela's notable achievements are the following:

  • She brought a professional photographer into the classroom to capture the children's genuine beauty, encouraging self-acceptance.

  • Collaborated with an Indigenous lead teacher to create learning opportunities centered on Indigenous knowledge.

  • Helped students design a Google survey to understand peers' reading interests, using the data to create tailored Google Jam boards.

  • Raised funds for 10 additional Chromebooks, ensuring equal access to technology.

  • Connected students to a paleontologist after finding fossils on the playground, integrating scientific and language studies.

  • Built a greenhouse in the classroom and partnered with a local farmer for real-world planting experiences.

  • Organized a municipal meeting visit to gain support for a township garbage clean-up, teaching environmental stewardship.

Angela Burr exemplifies the transformative power of innovative teaching, making her classroom a place where curiosity thrives and learning knows no bounds. Congratulations Angela!