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This is Me in HPE Student Census

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Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board (HPEDSB) values the diversity of our students and staff. We are committed to equity, inclusion and working to ensure everyone feels a strong sense of belonging, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. 

The 2020-2025 Strategic Plan [1] sets strategic priorities and goals for equitable education opportunities and outcomes, supported by a culture of respect, fairness and high expectations for all. One of the goals is to Strengthen community through equity and social justice. Through the planned actions, we believe positive outcomes will be achieved for everyone in our HPEDSB family.

Policy 20: Equity, affirms the Board’s commitment to embracing diverse social realities, while maintaining welcoming, safe and inclusive environments for all students and staff. The policy is a reflection of Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy [2], supporting all areas of HPEDSB procedures, guidelines and practices.

We are committed to learning together, with our school communities, to ensure our schools are equitable, accessible and inclusive environments—places where all students, staff, parents and community members thrive, feel welcomed, appreciated and respected for their unique contributions to the HPEDSB family. 

The communities we serve are growing more diverse. We value this diversity because it contributes to the ideas and perspectives that enrich our school communities. To support our efforts, we must learn more about our students so we are able to identify opportunities to help all students succeed.

This student census is an opportunity for all HPEDSB students to let their voices be heard.


Census purpose

Why participate in the This is Me in HPE Student Census?

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Data from the This is Me in HPE student census will help us plan for the future

We will:

The census questions are provided under the Ontario Anti-Racism Data Standards [4] established through the Ontario Anti-Racism Act [5] and are in alignment with Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan [3]. It is also a priority action step in the development of the HPEDSB Equity Action Plan.

HPEDSB will collect this voluntary identity-based student data in a selection of schools in May 2021 and in all remaining schools and from all staff in the fall of 2021.

Two versions of the student censuses

The student censuses are separated into two versions:

Before the census is provided to students, families will receive a parent/guardian letter [6] explaining the purpose, how to participate and how to withdraw consent, if applicable. The census for JK-Grade 4 students is to be completed by the student’s parents/guardians at home, older students will complete it at school during class time with teacher support. The examples provided below contain the exact census questions for reference. If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing the censuses, please direct them to contacts provided below.

Student Census: Grades JK to 4 [7]

Student Census: Grades 5 to 12 [8]

Frequently asked questions

Please review the FAQ document [9] for answers to frequently asked questions about the student censuses.

How to get in touch with us

We value your feedback and want to hear your questions. Please contact us at [email protected] [10] or 613-966-1170, ext. 62121.