Students assisted with colourful mural at V.P. Carswell Elementary School

muralA colourful mural now decorates the front entrance of V.P. Carswell Elementary School in Trenton. Painted by local mural artist, Maureen Walton, with assistance from students, the floor-to-ceiling mural represents the school and surrounding community.

"We are so pleased with the mural. It’s the first thing you see when entering the school, you can’t miss it. It was important to involve students in the planning and painting and I know they learned from an expert like Maureen Walton," said Principal Stephanie Taylor-Harvey.

The mural is a view out a window looking down the Trent River to the Bay of Quinte. There are both explicit and implicit symbols in the details which further represent the school and community.

  • An adult and child sit on the window ledge together, depicting the relationship between teacher and student as well as parent and child.
  • The child holds a Canada flag which represents our school’s ongoing support of the Highway of Heroes.
  • Trenton is represented through buildings along the shores of the river and its two bridges.
  • A military search and rescue helicopter represents the many military families.
  • Books on the ledge and a quote across the stones represent literacy.
  • The title of one of the books is in French, representing the French-as-a-Second-Language curriculum.
  • Mathematics is represented by the golden rectangle, which is also an example of the perfection of nature and has many ties to art and architecture.
  • Science is represented through the water-system, the plant life and the many birds and animals depicted in the mural.
  • Health and Physical Education are represented through children playing with a ball in a field.
  • Drama and Dance are included through children dancing in costume on the shore of the river.
  • Music is depicted through a native drum hanging on a tree which also represents the historical portion of social studies.
  • A compass represents geography as well as finding your direction in life.
  • Visual Arts is represented by the mural itself.
  • Character is embedded in the harmony of the images, the positive nature of the mural and the interactions depicted within the mural.
  • The quote “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” highlights hope and excitement about learning.
  • Even the school mascot, the cougar, has found a place in the mural!

The project was possible due to tremendous support from the school council and school community.

Maureen Walton has painted murals at Deseronto Public School, Harry J. Clarke Public School, Tyendinaga Public School  and at the Education Centre, as well as extensive work at Quinte Mohawk School. Her website is www.maureenwalton.com


For more information, please contact:
Kerry Donnell, Communications Officer, 613-966-1170 or 1 800 267-4350, extension 2354, [email protected]



Last updated: March 2, 2011 at 4:17 pm
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