Quinte Secondary students wore pink for breast cancer awareness

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The colour pink was the fashion favourite at Quinte Secondary School recently. Over 400 students shed their usual blue, white and khaki dress code colours to wear pink clothing and accessories.

Students donated $1 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in return for taking part in Think Pink Day. Other fundraising activities included the sale of pink milkshakes, bracelets and ribbons. Over 50 pink hair extensions were woven into eager students’ hair by a team of  three hairstylists from Salon You. Prizes were awarded to the Pinkest Boy, Pinkest Girl and Pinkest Class!

Students also participated in several fun activities, the most popular being a contest to retrieve pink bubble gum from a plate of whip cream with no hands and then blowing a bubble! That event was followed by an impromptu Pink Fashion Show! A total of $1,500 was raised for breast cancer awareness.

Pink Day photo 3According to Coop Teacher Gary Parcels, "Pink Day was a rousing success at Quinte. It was one of the best Spirit Day events our school has had in recent memory."

History of Day of Pink
Day of Pink is a day of action which began when a high school student in Cambridge, Nova Scotia was bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school. His fellow students decided to stand up to bullying. Hundreds of students came to school wearing pink to show support for diversity and stopping discrimination, bullying and homophobia.

Quinte Secondary School  (QSS) has a strong history of excellence, innovative programming for all students and a continued commitment to improving. QSS has a proud and committed staff and student body. The school motto is To Learn is to Grow in All Ways.  

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Last updated: November 1, 2010 at 3:28 pm
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