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Pink Shirt Day celebrated at Picton’s Queen Elizabeth School

Pink Shirt Day was celebrated at Picton’s Queen Elizabeth School [1] on Wednesday, February 23. It was led by Ontario Provincial Police Community Services Officer Kim Guthrie who was at the school to teach the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program.

"Officer Guthrie is a role model at our school. It’s great for students to see her leading the charge against bullying. At Queen Elizabeth, our priority is on student safety and doing what it takes for students to feel safe at school every day," remarked Principal Heather Seres.

Guthrie echoed her comments, stating, " I’m very proud of the Queen Elizabeth students for taking this seriously and am excited to see students wearing their pink shirts."

Pink Shirt Day is an anti-bullying initiative that originated in Cambridge, Nova Scotia in 2007 when a Grade 9 student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt the first day of school. At that time, two Grade 12 students, David and Travis, heard about the bullying and bought 50 pink shirts for the student body to wear the next day to support the victim and show the bullies they won’t stand by and let them get away with bullying. Since then, hundreds of schools across the nation have adopted Pink Shirt Day.

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