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Holiday celebrations and recognition

Ensuring that our classrooms and schools are inclusive learning environments is reflected in the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board approach to celebrating holidays, including Christmas. Celebrating and decorating for Christmas may include Christmas trees, garlands, stories, crafts and songs (both secular and sacred). It is our goal to be inclusive and accepting of all students from every background and learning need. Therefore, we encourage schools to embrace the wonderful opportunities to celebrate all faiths and cultures, and to help students learn about and value differences and commonalities amongst all people.

During the holiday season we are very proud of the contributions that our students and staff make to support food drives, clothing distribution and toy drives, to name just a few. These examples demonstrate the alignment between traditions and developing caring, socially responsible citizens. These qualities are valued in all faiths and cultures, and are supported through our Growing with Character initiative. Many special seasonal assemblies and celebrations build on traditions and find a respectful balance that reflects each individual school community and our multicultural Canadian society.

We are committed to safe, caring and inclusive learning and working environments. We strive to model good character and citizenship, and to ensure that all students, families and staff feel welcome, safe and accepted in our schools. It is through an open and collaborative approach that we continue to engage students, parents and community partners to create and sustain a positive school climate that supports success for each student.

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