Dangers of street racing researched at Moira SS

Prepping the carThe effects of street and stunt racing provided a hands-on learning experience for a Grade 11 Employment Destinations class at Moira Secondary School. They demonstrated creativity to showcase what they learned by painting anti-street racing slogans on a car and then prepared it as an entry in a demolition derby.

Teacher Stacey McErlean will drive the modified car in a derby this spring to raise awareness about street and stunt racing, and to educate others on the dangers that accompany those types of illegal activities. It will be quite a sight, displaying slogans such as “Take it to the ring, not the street.” “Speed kills.” and “Ride to die.”

According to McErlean, “All too often we read or hear about the tragic results of street racing and stunt driving. I believe this is an opportunity to provide insight in to the problem from a positive standpoint. My class demonstrated great leadership and commitment in attempting to influence its peer group to behave responsibly in a manner to which other teens can relate.”

The students’ goal was to find alternatives to street and stunt racing. They wanted to promote regulated car events—stock-car racing, demolition derbies, mud racing and track racing—as alternatives. The class applied for a Project Enhancement Grant through The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, the charitable arm of Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. Thanks to the $1,000 donation, they were able to purchase a car, gut it, and prepare it for a demolition derby.

Ready for the demolition derbyAt Moira Secondary School, amazing students, exemplary programs and outstanding staff all contribute to Trojan Pride and character development in the areas of arts, academics, technology and athletics. The school on excellence extends into many aspects student life at Moira—in the classroom, in sporting events, and in the performing arts. Student citizenship, global responsibility, and community involvement are priorities to foster well-rounded student growth and development.

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Last updated: April 7, 2010 at 11:00 am
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