Announcing the Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund

An article about Leonard Wilson Black was featured in the spring edition of Chalk Talk, the newsletter of The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation (The HPELF). Mr. Black is The HPELF’s first estate donor. The article was written by retired Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board school administrator Glenn Richardson, Mr. Black’s nephew.

In his article Richardson wrote, “The gifts to the North York Board of Education and to The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation were motivated by the great value both Uncle Len and Aunt Olive placed on education…gifts were made to a number of charitable institutions and these are explained in my mind, as I recall an individual who was naturally disposed to sympathy for people in need, and who saw a great deal of that need around him in the course of the Great Depression.”

Leonard Black’s appreciation of the education system and his desire to assist those in need align closely with the purpose of The HPELF’s Student Emergency Fund. Last year, 155 emergency support requests were granted through the fund, totaling $32,500 in immediate financial aid to students facing crisis situations and hardship.

In discussing how best to use Mr. Black’s very generous gift, it was decided that the donation would be endowed, and the annual interest from the gift would form the Len and Olive Black Memorial Fund.

The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund will support students facing financial hardship, and who:

  1. Require assistance with purchasing materials and items to allow them to fully participate in courses, levelling the playing field for all students(i.e. specialized welding glasses for technical courses, character shoes for music theatre courses, suitable shorts and shoes for gym classes, art kits for art classes, etc); and
  2. Would like to pursue post-secondary education and need assistance with the application fee.

The Len & Olive Black Memorial Fund will be a separate and distinct category within the Student Emergency Fund.

For more information please contact:
Maribeth deSnoo, Executive Director, 613-966-1170 or 1 800 26704350, extension 2205, [email protected]

Last updated: August 10, 2017 at 4:03 pm
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