Home-School Connections: ideas to enhance student learning at home, February 2017

Each month, school newsletters include a one-page insert called Home-School Connections. It describes ways in which families can enhance student learning at home in the areas of literacy; numeracy; healthy, caring schools and improving student learning.

This month’s Home-School Connections (pdf file) features:

  • Literacy: A great way to have children explore spatial relationships is to read books that call for children to think and talk about where objects and people are in relation to something else.
  • Numeracy: Spatial reasoning involves understanding and remembering the location and movement of objects and ourselves, either mentally or physically in space. EduGAINS supports policies and programs related to K-12 improved learning and teaching.
  • Healthy, Caring Schools: Water does Wonders! Visit healthykidshpe.ca to learn more about healthy habits and healthy kids.
  • Improved Student Learning: Our students develop competencies to prepare and empower them for the possibilities of today and tomorrow.

For more information, please contact:
Kerry Donnell, Communications Officer, 613-966-1170 or 1 800 267-4350, extension 2354, [email protected]

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