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Prince of Wales Public School awarded MusiCounts Band Aid Program grant

May 16, 2022—Prince of Wales Public School in Belleville has been awarded $12,000 in music equipment funding through the MusiCounts Band Aid Program.

This is the second time the school has applied for the grant and the first time Prince of Wales PS has received the MusicCounts funding, as one of 95 schools across Canada to receive support from MusiCounts music education charity.

The school is ordering 22 different Orff instruments, 25 coloured xylophones, class sets of boomwhackers, and a 3-octave marimba. Orff instruments are xylophone instruments that vary in size and pitch and that can be adapted to add or remove sound bars to adjust to the performer’s skill level of and to grow with them as they develop their musical ability.

“Orff ensembles give the students a chance to work as a group and continue to raise individuals’ musical experience. The entire group gains confidence and learns the importance of collaboration and trust,” shares Prince of Wales PS music teacher, Stan Claus. “Students will have the opportunity to try a variety of musical roles and learn that we are all equally important no matter the role we play in music and life. We have to rely on each other and learn to blend as a group. In my eyes, that is why ensemble playing is the most important part of forming musical growth, because we have to learn to communicate non-verbally and our growth relies purely on each other, so we have to learn how to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.”

Prince of Wales PS students are avid musicians, with Music Club being the first extracurricular club to restart once COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were reduced earlier this spring.  The new instruments will focus on preparing students for the Grade 6-8 instrumental program at the school, with the aim of sending as many students as possible off to secondary school with a solid foundation in instrumental music performance. All students from Grades 1 to 8, including students in the regional program, will have the opportunity to further develop their music skills using the new instruments.

The instruments will be received over the summer and be ready for students to begin using when classes resume in September 2022.

Mr Claus playing trombonePoW student playing keyboardPoW student playing hand drumsPoW student playing xylophonePoW students playing boomwhackersMr Claus in the music room

Last updated: May 24, 2022 at 11:33 am
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