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Madoc Township PS Grade 4/5 Sweet Tweets bake sale a sweet success!

April 14, 2022—The Grade 4/5 students at Madoc Township Public School held a bake sale on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 as part of their class business, Sweet Tweets. With support from their families and teacher Angela Burr, the class created the Sweet Tweets business following a conversation about sales tax that led them to explore how tax is applied to goods and services in different ways, which in turn developed into learning more about businesses and how they function. Ms. Burr’s enquiry-based classroom model focuses on student lead learning and exploration.

“We were learning about taxes,” shared Mackenzie and Holden, class members. “We wanted to start a business where we don’t have to pay taxes, so we decided to donate the money we made.”

The students wrote persuasive letters to their families, school administrators and local businesses to solicit support. “We made letters to our families to get our parents to help us,” said Lily, one of the Grade 4/5 students. “They were really happy to help.”

The goal of  Sweet Tweets is to raise money for the local food bank, both with the bake sale and by selling trays of sweets to select local businesses.

The students liked the symmetry of selling food to raise money for food. Student Curtis said, “We figured donating to a food bank matched our food sales idea.”

All proceeds of the sales are being donated, so the class strategized ways to maximize profits while offering quality products to their customers and learned lots in the process. The class also branded their business with logoed t-shirts, business cards and treat boxes. To avoid reducing their profits, the class sold chocolate eggs in March to pay for the costs of creating the t-shirts and used a local business to print the shirts.

“We made a profit of 87 cents per egg,” stated Aubrey, “for a total profit of $211.”

“I got to make treats with my grandma and mom,” said Lachlan. “It’s great to see how many treats were brought in and how many people brought in money to buy them!”

The hard work put in by the class and their families certainly paid off, the bake sale and business trays were a huge success, with Sweet Tweets raising over $3,000 for the local food bank and the students learning lots about the many facets of operating a business.

Congratulations Sweet Tweets!