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“Retail Therapy” performance coming to Centennial Secondary School

December 11, 2017—Students at Centennial Secondary School are preparing for upcoming drama performances.

They’re rehearsing lines, practising roles, creating sets and designing costumes. The Centennial Drama League is almost ready to present “Retail Therapy,” which consists of three original one-act plays.

EVENT DETAILS: “Retail Therapy”
DATES/TIMES: January 18, 19 at 7:00 p.m., and January 20 at 2:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Auditorium, Centennial Secondary School, 160 Palmer Road, Belleville
TICKETS: $10 for January 18 and 20; $25 for January 19 which includes a dessert buffet. Tickets can be purchased at the school, Red Ball Radio, Sam the Record Man, or at the door.

If you have ever worked retail, you know that anything can happen in a day. Who are the people who walk through the doors? What are the looking for?

The three original plays, by local playwrights, look at different aspects of the retail experience—the humour, the staff, the customers, the mysteries and the potential drama. The evening will also feature a variety of talented singers and dancer as interludes.


The first play is The Ice Cream Shop by Jacob Green. Themes such as friendship, trust, and questioning the value of “free advice” lead the audience on a ride that takes them into a new business venture being developed by best friends and very young entrepreneurs.  


In Terry’s TV Repair by Richard Lummiss, the main character greets us from his well-established TV repair shop. He’s been in business so long that he has seen a lot of  the changes in technology. He encounters a fresh-faced young man who is trying to understand his parents’ recent separation. Terry’s TV Repair examines of the dynamics of a family and the interconnectedness of people through the generations, and it rings true.  


The final play of the evening is Orchids on Main by Lise Lindenberg. It is set in a flower shop where a sister and brother get orders ready. An unexpected theft pulls them off the task and creates a stressful situation. When a customer recognizes another customer in the shop, the action amps up and we begin to wonder if they’ll ever meet their deadlines. In this mystery, we watch as the family tie is strained between siblings and we have to wait for the exciting conclusion.  


In some ways, all these plays about retail are tales of mending relationships. In the midst of the business of retail there was therapy. It may not be the usual form of therapy one gets from spending and buying, but a subtler form that will have long-lasting effects. Centennial is proud to assemble these plays with such a dynamic group of students working on stage and behind the scenes. It will be the best bargain in town!  


If Honest Ed had a sign for this entertainment, it would read “Honest Ed is for the theatre birds – Cheap Cheap Cheap.”


For more information, please call Centennial Secondary School at 613-962-9233.


Last updated: December 12, 2017 at 10:07 am
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