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Payroll & Benefits Services
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Canada Savings Bonds
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You can participate if you are a permanent HPEDSB employee, substitute staff are not eligible to participate.

HPEDSB Organization ID is 10592

What do I do if I want the same deduction to continue?

Nothing! There is no end date to your CSB deduction, it will continue until you change the amount or cancel your bond.

How do I change the amount being deducted or cancel my CSB?

You may cancel your payroll deduction or modify the amount being deducted at any time (other than the month of October) by sending an email to kprice@hpedsb.on.ca (Support Staff) or staft@hpedsb.on.ca (Teaching Staff)

During the month of October when the campaign is running, you increase or decrease your bond amount by accessing your My Bond account online at: https://www.mybonds.gc.ca/.

How do I set up a new CSB plan?

The Canada Savings Bond is an online campaign that runs in the month of October every year  and is the only time that you can sign up for the program.

Follow this link https://www.mybonds.gc.ca/

Click on English or French

On the Login page, click on Create a CSBOS Account, this one-time registration will take less than 10 minutes.

How do I find the balance in my bond account?

You must go online to mybonds and access your account.  If you have not set up your access, follow the instructions on the web page by clicking on "Create a CSBOS Account" and keep your Client ID and Password somewhere secure for future access to your bank account as this information is confidential between you and the CSB online access program.

How do I find my Client ID and Password?

When you register on the Canada Savings Bond site you will be assigned a Client ID and choose a password. Keep this information in a secure location for future reference . If you lose this information, click here: https://www.mybonds.gc.ca and follow " Forgot your Client ID?" or "Forgot your password?"

When will my deductions start or change?

During the campaign in October if you set up a CSB account,  your new CSB deduction will start on the first pay in December. If your amount is changed online during October, you will see the change on your pay stub on the first pay in December. If you email any other time during the year to have your deduction amount changed, your amount will be changed on the first available pay date.

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Canada Premium Bonds Interest Rates
Please click the "VIEW ALL RATES" button to see rate information for all outstanding CSB series.
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Canada Savings Bonds Web site
Access your bonds

Benefits of Contributing

  • Access to your savings anytime at www.mybonds.gc.ca;
  • Flexibility to cash your Canada Savings Bonds anytime;
  • No fees;
  • Competitive interest rates;
  • The Canada Savings Bond is fully backed by the Government of Canada.


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