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Information & Technology Services
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Service Categories
Business and Corporate Systems
Communications and Telephones
Custom Web Applications
Data Centers
Desktop Computing
Email, Calendar and Collaboration
Help and Support
Instructional and Learning Technologies
IT Procedures
Organizational Support
Portal Services
Privacy and Information Technology (PIM)
Public Access
Student Information
Wireless Infrastructure

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Contact Us
Phone: +1 613 966-1170 x2424
Fax: +1 613 966-2946
Email: it.services@hpedsb.on.ca



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ITS Service Catalogue

What We Do

The Information and Technology Services (ITS) team serves all staff and students throughout the district.  Our collective role is to help all departments and schools understand that technology is a tool that adds value to the instruction, administration and operation of the district.

We care about the success of each student. We believe that by supporting the people that support our students, we are making a positive difference in their lives - every day. Excellence with equity.


Our Team

Analyst Team

Network Technologist Team
Shawn Geen, ext. 2472 Josh Ford
Steve Payne, ext. 2382 Calvin Gaudet
Mike Preston, ext. 2298 Cheri Green
Matt Sinclair, ext. 2401 Peter Kelly
  Kevin Moncrieff
Andy Parker
  Shelley Ramsay
Tele-communications Technologist  
Doug Arthurs, ext. 2418 Elliott Royle
  Gary Shillington
Hardware Team Stephen Watts
Brad Hendrick, ext. 2353  
Earl McLean, ext. 2352

Helpdesk Team

System Educational Tech Support Team
Debbie Sagriff ext. 2424 Clinton Breau, ext. 3320
  Wendy Goodman, ext. 2229
Brett Nielsen, ext. 3315
  Patricia Post, ext. 3326
  Heather Yearwood, ext. 2231
IT Research Coordinator  
Angela Harvey, ext. 3327  
Leadership Team  

Peter Fong, ext. 2291

Project Manager

Kelvin MacQuarrie, ext. 2410

Senior Information and Technology Services Officer

Dianne Goyetche, ext. 2471

Application Coordinator, Administrative Systems

Judy Engelsdorfer, ext. 2362

Secretary to the Senior ITS Officer

Mark Hadwen, ext. 2328

Corporate Systems Coordinator

Doug Smith, ext. 2327

Applications Coordinator, Academic Systems

Supporting Achievment Through Technology



Address: 156 Ann Street, Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8N 3L3  Phone: +1 613 966-1170  Toll-free: +1 800 267-4350  
Fax: +1 613 961-2003  General Email: information@hpedsb.on.ca  Technical Email: webmaster@hpedsb.on.ca

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156 Ann Street, Belleville, Ontario Canada K8N 3L3
Toll-free: +1 800 267-4350
Phone: +1 613 966-1170
Fax: +1 613 961-2003

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