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  3. This page reflects any deletions of obsolete/incompatible titles that were made 2010-09-03
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Adobe Photoshop v 5.0 (Elements)

login required Helpsheet: Adding Text (pdf)

login required Helpsheet: Cropping (pdf)

login required Helpsheet: Resizing (pdf)

login required Helpsheet: Cloning (pdf)

login required Resizing and Cropping (Quick Time Movie)

login required Scaling Photos in Batches (Quick Time Movie)

Adobe Digital Kids Club

Tips and lessons for digital still imagery, digital video, digital storytelling, and multimedia presentations (Adobe Website - external)

All the Right Type

login required Full manual (pdf)

login required 4-page Teacher Guide (pdf)

Appleworks 6 On-line tutorials (external website)
A to Zap login required Guide (pdf)

Quick reference:

Read the Audacity 1.2 reference online.

(You can also access this reference through the "Help" menu in the Audacity program.)

Printable version of the Audacity 1.2 reference. (This can be printed in one step using the print function of your browser.)

Full manual:

 - Read the Audacity 1.2 manual online.

 - Download the Audacity 1.2 manual in PDF format.

Bitstrips Ontario-licensed web subscription; resources & curriculum connexions available from OSAPAC.
Clicker 5 login required Introduction to Clicker 5 (Quick Time Video)Presentations, Support Materials, and Demonstrations from SET BC
Comic Life Resources & curriculum connexions available from OSAPAC.
Contribute Adobe Contribute Training Manual
Corel 10

One-page aide-memoire (pdf)

User Guide for Teachers & Students (pdf)

Corel Quattro Pro 10/12

About Spreadsheets

Bar Graph Tutorial

Circle (Pie) Graph Tutorial

Line Graph Tutorial


Quattro Pro Tipsheet (resizing columns, saving spreadsheets, printing, customizing graphs, exporting graphs as images)  - Note: Items 1 through 6 inclusive may be viewed and used separately, or can be assembled in this same sequence as a general "how-to" manual for Quattro Pro
login required - Sorting Data with Quattro Pro 12

login required - Making a Climagraph with Quattro Pro

Co:Writer login required Co:Writer and Word Perfect usage (Quick Time Movie)

login required Co:Writer Teacher tools (Quick Time Movie)

login required Co:Writer and Write:Out Loud (Quick Time Movie)

login required Getting Started Manual (pdf)

Overview of Co:Writer (5:13 movie from SET BC)

Launching the Program and Creating a New Writer - (4:42 movie from SET BC)

Adjusting the Writer Settings in Teacher Options - (5:44 movie from SET BC)

Cybercops: Mirror Image login required Two-page overview of principal features and programme navigation (pdf)

login required Using Dreamweaver MX (Manual) (pdf)

login required Getting Started with Dreamweaver MX (Manual) (pdf)

login required Condensed tutorial: Making a Website with Dreamweaver MX (pdf)

login required Condensed tutorial: Building and Using Templates with Dreamweaver MX (pdf)

login required Helpsheet: Basic Tools (pdf)


login required Bookmark Tool Folders (Quick Time Movie)

login required Creating Internet Shortcuts (Quick Time Movie)

Frames 4

View a demonstration of the features of Frames 4 including many samples of student work with digital storytelling. (external web site)

Frames: An introduction to using animation software in your elementary classroom. This tutorial introduces you to the features of Frames 4 - animation, claymation, and digital storytelling. (external web site)

Geometer's Sketchpad

login required Keyboard Shortcuts

login required Posters

login required Preferences - Setting

login required Quick Reference Guide - Polygons

login required TIPS introduction

see also Geometer's Sketchpad pages of the Mathematics pages


login required One-page helpsheet (pdf)

NEW - Resources & curriculum connexions available from OSAPAC.

Google Reader login required One-page helpsheet (pdf)
Graphers Manual (pdf)
Joomla Front-End User (updating School web sites) login required Manual
KidPix 4

login required User Guide (pdf)

login required Teacher Guide - contains sample lessons and tutorials (pdf, 15MB)

login required KidPix 4 Overview (pdf, 58KB)

Sample Lessons:

login required - Grade One Alphabet Book (pdf, 311KB)

login required -Painting with Technology (pdf, 590KB)

Let's Go Read 1 and 2

login required Two-page overview (pdf)

login required Adult options - details (pdf)

login required Correlation of Let's Go Read and Wiggleworks (pdf)

Microsoft Publisher

login required Manual (pdf)

login required Publisher in 1 Page (introduction to the interface) (pdf)

login required Publisher Aide-Memoire (quick reminders about common tasks, 2pp) (pdf)

login required Searching for an Image within Publisher (Quick Time Video)

Net Support 8

login required Manual (pdf)

login required One-page quick reference sheet (pdf)

login required How to hand out files to students using NetSupport 8 (pdf)

Poetry login required Poetry in a Nutshell, Character of Poetry, and Poetry Resources (2pp overview, pdf)
Premier Assistive Technology

Premier Literacy Parent and Teacher Guides (all PDF files)

Parent Guides, Skills Assessments, Training Notes

Video Tutorials for all Premier Products (files play with Windows Media Player)

Further Resources on the login required HPEDSB SharePoint web site

Reader Rabbit 1 login required One-page overview of principal features of the application (pdf)
Scratch Download (free), Tutorials, Project Ideas & Completed Projects, Resources (external web site)
Smart Ideas 5

login required Manual (English) (pdf)

login required Manual (French) (pdf)

login required Quick Start Guide (pdf)

SMARTboard Notebook Software

Please use the HPEDSB login required Share Point "SMART Teaching" site

For information on login required How to access this site, download this PDF document

Space: Eyewitness Encyclopaedia login required Two-page overview of principal features and navigation within the application (pdf)
Teacher Admin Tool For the teacher admin tool on the HPEDSB teacher desktop: login required How to use the "deploy files" tool (pdf)

On-line data sources and resources (HPEDSB web page)

login required TinkerPlots Manual (pdf)

login required Exploring Data with TinkerPlots (teaching ideas and projects) (pdf)

login required Quick Reference card (2pp) (pdf)


login required How-to Package : (pdf)

  1. Page 1: Title
  2. Page 2: Setting Up a New Class
  3. Page 3: Printing Word Cards
  4. Page 4: Print Blackline Books
  5. Page 5: Rhyming Word Framing Tool
  6. Page 6: Story Starters
  7. Page 7: Leaving Teacher Messages for Students
Windows Movie Maker 2 63 (sixty-three) movies - FREE tutorial series on Windows® Movie Maker 2 from Atomic Learning
WordPerfect / Word Converting your files from WordPerfect to Word 2013 (pdf)
Write: Out Loud

login required Getting Started Manual (pdf)

Overview of features (4:14 movie from SET BC)

Writing with Symbols

login required Basic information (pdf)

login required Advanced Information (pdf)




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