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Information & Technology Services
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Quick Tip:

If you have any questions about the instructions or content of an e-mail you receive from an online business, call the business or look up its legitimate email address yourself, and send them an inquiry.


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E-mail FAQs

How do I Block E-mail?

Right Click on mail - Select Junk E-Mail - Add to Blocked Senders List

How do I Recall E-mail?

Sent folder - Open Sent E-mail - Click Action Tab - Select Recall this Message or Click on Message Tab - Other Actions - Recall this message

How do I Recover Deleted Items?

1. Deleted Items - Locate item - Right Click Move to Folder or Drag and Drop

2. Tools - Recover Deleted Items - Select Item - Recover Selected Item - Recover Item will be in Deleted Box

How do I Create E-mail User Groups?

In Contacts - Right Click Distribution Lists or File - New Distribution List or File - New Distribution List - Name File - Distribution Tab - Select members - Ok - Save

How do I Send E-mail to a Group?

New Message - To: - Select Outlook Address Book - Contacts - Select Group - To: - Ok

How do I create E-mail Signatures?

Tools - Options - Mail Format - Signatures or Create new Message - Insert - Signatures

How do I share my Outlook Calendar?
Mailbox Quotas: I received a message re: mailbox quota - what should I do?

Outlook Client keeps asking for the password, what should I do?

make sure it says HPEDSB\username and then enter your password.

E-mail Distribution lists

  •  Distribution lists are created in Human Resources and contain all staff assigned to your school (the lists will include staff on leave). 

  • Changes between School Years:  deleted staff (i.e. transferring/retiring) remain active until first day of school – new staff (i.e. incoming) are active 14 days prior to first day of school

  • Requests for changes to the lists should be directed to Human Resources

Helpdesk Ticket
How do I submit a Helpdesk Ticket? - Submit a ticket online
Internet FAQs
Access Internet via Dialup

XP Dialup Setup | Vista Dialup Setup
Windows 7 Dialup Setup

10 Digit Dialing (Dialup Internet)

Password FAQs

How do I change my password?

Library Volunteer Password:

login required Library Volunteer User account

SharePoint FAQs

How do I access SharePoint?  

Access using e-mail username and password.  Important that hpedsb\ precedes username  i.e..  hpedsb\jbrown    

Network FAQs

I am unable to access network drives, what should I do?

  • Shut down computer.
  • Undock if laptop and then re-dockRemove blue cable from back of computer and re-attach – should hear a little click that a connection is madeRemove blue cable from other end and re-attach – should hear a little click that a connection is madeStart computer again – make sure all three login lines are correct (line 3 should be the server – not local computer)
  • If laptop is using Mobile Netswitch – verify correct location and IP

User Accounts FAQs

I’m a new Permanent/LTO to the school, How do  log onto the school computers?

  • Username: first initial + last name  Password: employee ID number

I have a Hyphenated lastname or a Special Character in my last name how does this affect my username?

  • If you have a hyphenated last name or a special character (such as a ‘) in your last name these characters are removed and your name is all one word.  Such as Smith-Jones would be smithjones and O’Donald would be odonald.

I am a new Substitute teacher to the school, How do I log onto the school computers?

  • Everyday substitute teacher accounts are created for the substitute teacher at the school where they will be teaching that day.  The school office administrator will receive an email with your username and password.  These usernames and passwords will work at all school you regularly supply at.

I have a new Student in my class how do they get an account to the school computers?

  • Student accounts are created automatically every night as long as the student’s student number and OEN match in Maplewood.  The student’s username is their  last name + first initial.  The same rules apply as above with regards to hyphens and special characters in names.  If there is more than one student in the school with the same last name first name combination a number will be added to the end of the username. i.e. greenc2

How do I manage my class or student accounts?

Instructions to manage my class and student accounts (PDF)

Virtual Learning Environment FAQs
What is a Blog?
What is a Moodle?
Virus FAQs
Winnebago FAQs

Common Error Winnebago Error:  Necessary Schedule information is not available?

This error is caused by the next year 201X Calendar has not yet been set up.  This will prevent books to be checked out pass Dec 31 of the current year.

To setup an new calendar year:

Winnebago - Setup -Calendar

  • Click on the Add New Year Button (calendar with a star on top left corner)

Add 201X to all Schedules.   (X – is the forthcoming calendar year)


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Phone: +1 613 966-1170
Fax: +1 613 961-2003

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