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2013-2014 Student Senators

Moira Secondary School

Grade 9 orientation day.

North Hastings High School

Everyone belongs to a "house".

Quinte Secondary School

Link crew day.

Student Voices; Student Leadership

Student Senators ... on becoming leaders
Dustin, Ryan, Ella ... on Role Models
Student Senators ... on being student senators

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Involving students in the educational decision-making process is important to the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.  The Board continues to be supportive of the Student Senate, a body consisting of sixteen representatives – two student leaders selected from each of our eight secondary

schools.  Secondary school students involved in the Student Senate experience opportunities for leadership and advocacy outside of the classroom.

Student Senate …

  • allows all schools to have activities shared and recognized in a board setting
  • aids in development of Student Councils/Committees at schools
  • encourages the sharing of ideas and the development of collaborative planning/problem-solving skills  
  • helps student leaders further to develop leadership skills
  • allows for effective and appropriate representation of students at the Board level
  • acts as a conduit between students and the Student Trustees, in cooperation with the Director of Education, regarding initiatives and policies
  • develops ideas, plans activities, and creates presentations for the annual Youth Forum


Student Senators …

  • attend not more than five meetings of the Student Senate
  • serve in the following offices:  chair, vice-chair, student trustees, accessibility advisory representative, equality and diversity committee representative, and character development representative
  • elect two student trustees
  • assist and support the two Student Trustees in their duties


Student Senators

Back row from left: Sohaib Haseeb, Moira Secondary School; Kurstin Salisbury, Bayside Secondary School; Emily Algar, Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

Middle row from left: Cameron Mills, Centennial Secondary School; Susie Emerson, Centennial Secondary School; Samantha Taylor, Moira Secondary School; Elizabeth Forsyth, PECI; Rachel Lidstone, Bayside Secondary School

Front row from left: Hayden Grierson, Quinte Secondary School; Kristen MacCarthy, Trenton High School; Meghan Peckham, Trenton High School; Abigail Bonter, Centre Hastings Secondary School; Liam Wood, Centre Hastings Secondary School



Student Trustees …

  • participate in public School Board meetings, represents student opinions at the Board level, and participate actively in board committees
  • allow the Board to see students representing student issues and student opinions


Duties of Student Trustees

  • attend School Board meetings
  • be knowledgeable about and willing to comply with Board policies and procedures
  • serve as student liaison representatives between the Board and the Student Senate
  • consult with and keep the Student Senate informed about Board issues of interest and concern to students
  • represent the views of the Student Senate at Board discussions
  • undertake a mentoring role with the incoming Student Senate
  • serve as the Board’s representatives at the Ontario Student Trustee Association
  • attend the Ontario Student Trustee Association Annual Conference


Ontario Student Trustees' Association

  • represents all students in Ontario in the publicly funded sector
  • includes student trustees from every school board in Ontario
  • holds OSTA-AECO conferences (Annual General, Fall, and Board Council)
  • is governed by an Executive Council comprised of: president; vice president; second vice president; secretary and bilingual secretary; board council presidents; executive director; past president
  • seeks to promote student issues in terms of education to the Ministry of Education
  • maintains Board Councils which focus on the four types of school boards: English Public; English Catholic; French Public; French Catholic
  • uses Robert=s Rules of orders to help maintain order, to ensure equality, and to clarify issues


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