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Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
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Did You Know?

You can start an apprenticeship while still in high school!

OYAP - Jump Start Your Career!

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program allows students to get an early start on an apprenticeship in a skilled trade.  Students have the opportunity to work towards their OSSD, while working with an employer in a skilled trade area through a specialized co-op program.  Students can participate in OYAP in three different ways:

  1. OYAP/Co-op - students get the opportunity to complete their co-op in any of the skilled trade areas.  This is an excellent opportunity to 'test' out a trade to see if it's right for you!
  2. Registered OYAP/Co-op - students will continue their co-op placement in a skilled trade area AND may also be registered as an apprentice with the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (Apprenticeship Branch).  The hours completed at co-op will count towards the completion of your apprenticeship program.

For more information, contact your

Co-op or Guidance department.

In order to participate in OYAP, students must:

 arrow be 16 years of age when co-op placement begins

 arrow have successfully completed 16 OSSD credits

 arrow have a demonstrated interest and aptitude for the skilled trade

 arrow prior experience in the sector is recommended (Co-op or tech course 

This Employment Ontario program is funded by the Ontario Government

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>Record of Cooperative Education Placement Hours for Apprenticeship Purposes

>MTCU OYAP Registration Form

OYAP Cards

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For more information on apprenticeships, check out the following sites:

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Ontario College of Trades

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