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Co-op Program
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What are the Responsibilities of the Host Employer?
• provides a safe working and learning environment
• designates one employee to be responsible for supervising and evaluating each student
• helps identify and develop workplace expectations
• provides students with written or oral feedback after an employment interview as part of the learning experience
• provides orientation and workplace health and safety training
• provides challenging learning experiences that will encourage personal growth and develop career goals
• helps students function as an integral part of a team

What are the Responsibilities of the Supervisor?
• provides placement-specific safety training
• signs the Work Education Agreement (WEA) to identify who provides Workplace Safety insurance student coverage
• is familiar with and follows accident reporting procedures
• assists the teacher in developing realistic and challenging Personalized Placement Learning Plans for their students
• becomes familiar with the student’s strengths and the areas in which improvement is needed
• directs and guides the student’s learning through on-site supervision
• acquaints the student with company personnel and procedures
• reports student absences to the teacher immediately
• contacts the teacher when concerns arise
• works with the student and the teachers to ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately
• reviews student logs at the end of each week
• shares their expertise with student
• helps student function as an integral part of a team
• jointly assesses student progress with teachers, and provides written performance appraisals
• completes the program effectiveness survey

What are the Responsibilities of the Student?
• works in a courteous, responsible, and business-like manner and shows appropriate initiative
• observes and complies with the rules and regulations of the placement and the school, including confidentiality requirements
• complies with all company rules as to dress, safety codes, work schedules, and policies
• complies with school attendance policies in both the placement and classroom sessions
• submits assignments as required
• informs the placement supervisor and the cooperative education teacher in advance if they are unable to report to their placement
• participates in the development and implementation of their Personalized Placement Learning Plans or Work Experience Learning Plans
• works with teachers and supervisors to ensure that problems are dealt with immediately
• immediately reports any workplace accidents to the employer and the co-op teacher
• completes their course requirements
• participates with their supervisors and teachers in the assessment of their
own performance

What are the Responsibilities of the Experiential Learning Teacher?

• promotes cooperative education and other experiential learning programs to students, parents, staff, School Councils, and potential employers
• develops pre-course counseling and interviewing procedures for all students who wish to participate
• interviews and selects students for community-based learning programs
• follows Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board’s (HPEDSB) placement procedures for all community-based learning programs
• identifies and secures suitable placements in which students will be able to achieve the course expectations, experience growth, and develop career goals
• informs employers of their roles and responsibilities and of the responsibilities of the partnership prior to student placement
• organizes and conducts pre-placement orientation sessions to prepare students
• develops a Personalized Placement Learning Plan or Work Experience Learning Plan for each student with the assistance of the student, the supervisor, the teacher of the related course, and special education staff (for identified students)
• consults regularly with students, employers, supervisors, employees, and other teachers
• makes regular on-site learning assessments of students at their placements
• keeps dated, anecdotal records on student placement learning assessment and evaluation visits
• Assesses and evaluates student performance
• updates and adjusts students’ placement learning plans as required
• assesses whether placement supervision is appropriate
• organizes and conducts regular integration activities (a minimum of seven hours per cooperative education credit)
• manages the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with cooperative education and work experience programs (including reporting to the school administration or to the Ministry of Education)
• helps students arrange appropriate transportation to their placements
• provides health and safety instruction regarding insurance coverage
• follows Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and HPEDSB procedures for accident reports
• liaises with guidance counsellors, and school administrators, teacher-advisers, special education staff, and parents
• works with students and supervisors to ensure that any problems are dealt with immediately

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