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Curriculum Services - Elementary
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 Technology in Education
General Resources
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Please note:

A number of videos on this page are from "teachers.tv", a professional resource from the United Kingdom.  You may be asked to create an account, which is at no cost and appears to be spam-free, in order to view the videos. 

Document Cameras
Document Cameras - General
Research and Usage - Articles - NEW

To articles about document cameras in general:

AVerMedia Document Cameras
Quick Reference A one-page quick-reference aide-memoire for the CP300 (pdf)
User Manual The complete user manualfor the CP300 (pdf)
Videos Learn how to use your new AVerVision CP300 Interactive Document Camera with these training videos (streaming)
Elmo Document Cameras
Show Me Great Lessons! Interactive instructional activities using an "Elmo" document camera. (pdf)
Elmo Quick Reference

Quick Reference and Basic Operation:  provides visual of the Elmo control panel and the basic operation(setting up a text resource)

Elmo Additional Applications Other things to do with your Elmo: Camera and SD Card option, viewing images, flipping from Elmo camera to PC
Teaching Tips
Classroom Use of ELMO Document Cameras - an assortment of web links
Connecting an
ELMO TT02 to a SMARTboard
Instruction sheet (pdf)
SMART Document Cameras
Product Factsheet - NEW Specifications and usage overview (PDF)
FAQs - NEW FAQs about the SMART Document Camera (external web page)
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Interactive White Boards - General
SMART Board Care Poster Worried that someone will write on your SMARTboard with marker?  Print off this poster and hang prominently (11x17 portrait orientation, pdf); also see the documents section of the SMART teaching SharePoint site for cleaning tips.

Getting Started with SMART Boards & Notebook 10

An 18-minute video covering the "stuff you need to know on day 1", produced by a sometimes-rambling pair of Illinois teachers.  Users with permanent setups may wish to advance past the section talking about setups with separate projectors. Gives good tips about what's really necessary for successfully getting underway.
  • Dr. Bob Marzano speaks about his research into interactive whiteboards: significant positive findings (streaming video; specifics about interactive whiteboards begin at 3:36 time mark)
  • Whiteboard Research - a summary of principal findings about the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards
  • Whiteboards Explained - a 1-min video about interactive whiteboards; various types compared, location of whiteboards discussed; usage models (plays in Windows Media)
  • Whiteboard Top Tips - a collection of videos about interactive whiteboard use (scroll to the page bottom for the videos)
SMART Exchange

(external website)
A repository of SMART Notebook and SMART Response files produced by SMART board users world wide.  Searchable by topic or expectation.  Also use this to connect with other SMART users worldwide.
SMARTteaching lock

HPEDSB SharePoint site for board employees only - works best with Internet Explorer - teachers can use this site to obtain and share SMART Notebook files and links to SMARTboard resources

  • Go to this one-stop shopping source for:
    • "How-To" documents
    • Video training tutorials
    • Download links for software
    • Links to SMART Exchange and other on-line repositories
    • Teacher-created, teacher-modified learning objects and lesson files, and templates
  • Download "how-to-access" directions here (PDF)
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Interactive White Boards - Language Applications
Exploiting your interactive whiteboard in language

Categorized tips in three categories: read/respond, analyse, write; arranged in a table featuring how selected tools can enhance teaching and learning in these categories. Adapted from the National Whiteboard Network (UK). (pdf)

Literacy and the Whiteboard Two teachers become the pupils when ICT consultant Judith Pemberton Bennetts teaches a masterclass on to how to better teach "powerful verbs" using ICT. (from teachers.tv)
Interactive White Boards - Mathematical Literacy Applications
Exploiting your interactive whiteboard in mathematics

Categorized tips in five categories: number sense, calculations, problem-solving, handling data, measures/shapes/space; arranged in a table featuring how selected tools can enhance teaching and learning in these categories. Adapted from the National Whiteboard Network (UK).


Ratio and Proportion

Two lessons are showcased: in each, the whiteboard is an integral part of a lesson in which various ICT tools are used.  The differences between ratio and proportion are explored and explained by student activity with ICT. (from teachers.tv)

Using the Smartboard to Teach Engaging Lessons

A series of videos showing examples of lessons utilizing an interactive white board; emphasis is grades 6-12.

(3 download formats: mp4, notebook, pdf)

Interactive White Boards - Geography/Social Studies/Current Events Applications
Using Google Earth on the SMART Board A 2-minute video watching a student use "Google Earth" on the smart board: look beyond the fun he's having to seeing the fluency he has, and the use of the images as he explores places. Note therole of the teacher in this video.
Interactive White Boards - Arts Applications
Bringing Music Into the 21st Century A very brief video showing two applications for a "SMART" board in an elementary music classroom (from TeacherTube).
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What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels on analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Best WebQuests A listing of WebQuests by Tom March, one of the originators of the genre.
WebQuests dot Org A large listing of webQuests by Bernie Didge, the other originator of the genre.
WebQuest Taskonomy The task is the single most important part of a WebQuest. It provides a goal and focus for student energies and it makes concrete the curricular intentions of the designer. A well designed task is doable and engaging, and elicits thinking in learners that goes beyond rote comprehension.
WebQuest About Webquests Use one of the WebQuests at this link to familiarize yourself with how WebQuests work by doing one!
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